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Fire Beam Testimonials

For our customers, it's always useful to know what other people think. And for us it's great to know what our customers think! Below are some of the testimonials we have received.

Gardiner Security (Fire Division) Fire Product Manager

"Here at Gardiner Security Fire Division we see The Fire Beam as cutting edge technology, and are pleased to say that we have now taken it on board with our full backing, providing our customers with a product that's in line with the CFOA policy, helping them to reduce false alarms. Our sales team are all very excited about this product and are pleased to offer this beam detector with confidence and are receiving excellent reports back."

BBC Fire Protection Ltd Peter Willetts, Engineering Manager

"Having tried The Fire Beam in a couple of hostile sites, I can only say how happy I am with the performance of this beam. We especially chose difficult sites that have given us problems in the past, and needed to find solutions for. Having fitted these new beams we have solved these problems and are now using The Fire Beam on other suitable projects. The price saving can be considerable, and the time saved in ease of commissioning and on-going maintenance, makes the Fire Beam an economic and preferred choice. The Fire Beam Company has always been on hand for advice and technical assistance, making the use of the Fire Beam system remarkably easy."

Leader Systems Peter Jenkins

"Having discovered The Fire Beam we decided that its unique features might overcome difficulties previously encountered when using beam detectors in warehouses at this site. The Fire Beam's automatic motorised re-alignment feature totally solves the past problems. Commissioning is virtually automatic and we were able to align an amazing total of 60 sets in only two days. Having the low level controller means adjustments can be safely and quickly made at ground level. Technical support from the Fire Beam Company has been excellent, making this project refreshingly hassle free. Tesco are especially pleased with the technology, and also with the 30% savings made!"

Simpson Electrical Nick Simpson

"We have just fitted one of your beams into Brighton College and it's just brilliant! It was so easy to fit and it self-aligned just as described. We can see what's going on with all the readings available at ground level. We had none of the problems we usually have trying to fit other beams especially being able to terminate the wires easily inside the unit! I can't believe it's this good for such a good price!"

Fire Beam Extras

Fire Beam Accessories & Add-Ons

Anti-fog/condensation kits, power supplies, adjustable brackets, adaptor plates and more. View Accessories

Awards & Approvals

Fire Beam Awards, Certifications & Approvals

Winner of the FIA Product Innovation Award, Vds Certified, CPD (CE) Approved, and more! See our Awards & Approvals.

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Download Fire Beam User Guides

User guides, brochures, wiring diagrams and more can be downloaded at any time by creating a free User Zone account.

Fire Beam Xtra

Fire Beam Xtra

The Fire Beam Xtra is now our standard beam and features many new and innovative advances, pushing it further ahead as the market leader. More

Technical Details

Fire Beam Technical Specification

Check out a full technical specification of the Fire Beam and associated components. Tech Spec

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