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In 2004 The Fire Beam Company was specifically incorporated with one objective: to design and manufacture the world's leading optical beam smoke detector.

Having seen what can only be described as a unhappy market place, the founding Directors took a clean sheet of paper and went about solving all the problems typically associated with this form of smoke detection. The Fire Beam tackles the common issues of unreliability caused by building movement, difficulty in commissioning, and ground level accessibility. Furthermore, designing the product from scratch gave them the opportunity to build in additional value-added features and many other new benefits.

18 months later the very first Fire Beam rolled off the production line, followed by a high profile launch at the 2005 International Fire Expo (Firex), where The Fire Beam Company won both the 'Best Product' and 'Best Company' awards. From its base in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, The Fire Beam went from strength to strength and was welcomed by the industry with open arms.

Continuous company growth means we have not been standing still. Our products have continually evolved and our latest range boasts industry-leading performance and innovation. The XTRA and the BLUE both cover distances of up to 160 metres and the BLUE's App-based control is a fire industry first.

The Fire Beam is now the beam of choice for many of the leading names in the UK fire industry and proving a reliable answer to more expensive alternatives in protecting large areas such as air sampling and point detection.

Fire Beam Xtra

Fire Beam Xtra

The Fire Beam Xtra is now our standard beam and features many new and innovative advances, pushing it further ahead as the market leader. More

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