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Fire Beam Accessories

Fire Beam Unistrut Adaptor Plate

The Fire Beam Unistrut Adaptor Plate

The Unistrut Adaptor Plate is a clear acrylic plate that allows easy mounting of the Fire Beam Head Unit to Unistrut fabrication. The holes are pre-drilled to the correct pitch of the Head Unit and are conveniently positioned for use with the popular Unistrut system using the screws provided.

Fire Beam Anti-Fog Kit

The Fire Beam Anti-Fog Kit

The Anti-Fog Kit consists of a retro-fit lens that you attach to the front of the beam face and a single reflector. Both these items feature a special nano-coating that prevents condensation from forming. Condensation can be a problem in some unique environments where warm air meets a cold surface and the beams were unable to differentiate between this and smoke. Previously this would have resulted in a false alarm, but our Anti-Fog Kit eliminates this possibility in condensation prone environments.

Fire Beam Anti-Fog Reflector

The Fire Beam Anti-Fog Reflector

A single reflector with a nano technology finish, sold singularly. Please note this is supplied as part of the Anti-Fog Kit above so does not need to be bought separately, unless desired.

Fire Beam EN54 24Vdc 1.5A Power Supply

The Fire Beam EN54 24Vdc 1.5A Power Supply

Our EN54 approved power supply. Designed and manufactured in the UK to complement The Fire Beam, this 24Vdc 1.5A unit can be used wherever a power supply is needed. In systems requiring approval we believe this will be a very economical solution. Although it is specially designed for use with The Fire Beam it can also be used with any auxiliary device needing power (batteries are not included).

Fire Beam Multifunction Adjustable Bracket

The Fire Beam Multifunction Adjustable Bracket

A very high quality, steel, fully adjustable bracket that can accommodate both the Fire Beam head and the reflector / reflector kits. A dual axis swivel joint allows for total flexibility in aligning the beam head and the reflectors.

Extend The Range

Fire Beam Range Kits

The Fire Beam Xtra covers distances up to 70 metres, but with the addition of one of our Range Kits it can cover distances up to 160 metres. View Distance Kits

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Technical Details

Fire Beam Technical Specification

Check out a full technical specification of the Fire Beam and associated components. Tech Spec

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Fire Beam Testimonials

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