The Fire Beam BLUE / Wireless App Controlled / Conventional

The Fire Beam BLUE

Introducing the firebeamBLUE! Our latest innovation boasts all the market-leading features of the XTRA, but with the added benefit of wireless Bluetooth control using an App on your phone or tablet. The future is literally in your hands.

The Fire Beam BLUE is a conventional beam detector.

One App to Control Them All

With our latest self-aligning motorised beam you no longer need a controller for each beam head. The App will let you commission and control every firebeamBLUE in every building you ever visit, simply using your phone or tablet.

The firebeamBLUE uses the same advanced technology as thefirebeamXTRA, inherits the same reliability and benefits with an unbeatable range of 160 metres, but is commissioned and controlled using the App.

Fully VdS Approved (G221060)

BluetoothUsing the fully VdS Approved (G221060) firebeamBLUE with a phone or tablet offers exactly the same functionality as a wired low level controller, but is easier and more intuitive to use. You simply connect to each beam using Bluetooth technology, so you don't need a phone signal or even an internet connection.

No Hard-Wired Controllers Needed

From your phone or tablet you can now do everything that you could do with a controller. We have designed the App to make it intuitive, helping you to understand all the many functions and capabilities of the beam. Easily perform functions such as:

  • Connecting to your beams.
  • Commissioning your beams.
  • Changing the beam modes.
  • Maintaining your beams.
  • Adjusting & diagnosing your beams.
  • Performing a fire test.

Having no hard-wired controller saves on your installation time by not having to fit controllers or go to the effort of wiring them in. If you have multiple beams it's even better - just imagine the time savings you could make by not having to wire the controllers into an entire warehouse!

Connect to your beams. Commission your beams. Change the beam modes.
Maintain your beams. Adjust & diagnose your beams. Perform a fire test.

What comes in the box?

The firebeamBLUE comes complete with the head unit, a single reflector, a 3mm allen key and a user manual with all the instructions you need to get the started with the App.

The Fire Beam BLUE package

The same 160 metre range and motorised head means that you need only use one beam for distances over 100 metres, saving time and money on installation.

Download the Fire Beam BLUE App

The latest version of the firebeamBLUE App is available for both iOS and Android devices. Simply use the links below to access the correct store for your device.

Download from Apple App Store Download from Google Play Store

Additional Fire Beam BLUE Features

Enhanced Optics: The BLUE incorporates all the leading features we have honed over the years and with the latest advanced components we have produced a VdS approved (G221060) fully compliant (EN 54-12:2015) beam detector that out performs all other beams in the market place.

The Fire Beam BLUE offers amazingly fast commissioning timesFast Commissioning: We have designed linear stepper motors which have resulted in amazingly fast commissioning and routine maintenance. Under test conditions at 40 metres we recorded an auto-align time of 3m02s using the Fire Beam straight out of the box. Once aligned a routine re-alignment was timed at just 1m07s. This is class-leading performance not only in terms of speed but also in terms of advanced robust design built for precise purpose.

Multi Language Support: The Fire Beam BLUE has the ability to display seven different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Czech. A feature that is welcomed by our ever increasing international customers as we now sell to 62 countries around the world.

The Fire Beam BLUE offers multi language support

Auto-Align On/Off: Although rarely needed, this facility allows you to turn off the auto-alignment in normal service, should the environment be liable to occasional contamination (such as theatres with fake smoke). As motorised beams work by seeing the reflector, if they are unable to because of unavoidable obscuration they can fall out of alignment when trying to find the obscured reflector. The Fire Beam BLUE will remain in perfect alignment in these environments simply by not trying to re-align itself. Auto-alignment will still continue to work in commissioning modes. This facility is best suited to beams that are mounted on solid surfaces that are not susceptible to building movement at all. For buildings that are liable to movement (such as metal warehouses) we have also built in a delay function that can be used instead (see below).

Auto-Align Time Delay: Again this facility is useful in environments that are liable to occasional short term obscuration. Adding a delay means that the beam will not check for alignment if the received signal drops for a predetermined time. Pre-set at 4 hours this can be altered to anywhere between 0 to 12 hours if required, to allow the environment to clear.

Beam Phasing: It is possible that beams that face each other will cause problems as their sample rates could coincide and result in unreliable readings, meaning false auto-alignment and unreliably in service. With the introduction of phasing it is now possible to mount beams facing each other with reflectors inbetween. There are up to 7 different sampling rates to choose from, alleviating any cross talk problems.

Beam Phasing

Hysteresis: Changing the hysteresis will change the delay in returning from a fire state back to a normal state. For example, the beam is factory set at 15% so if the beam falls into fire at 65% (35% threshold) it has to recover 15% to 80% before it returns to normal. This action prevents small fluctuations in returned signal causing the beam to fall in and out of a fire state. This can be adjusted to anywhere between 1% and 40%. The hysteresis can simply be adjusted from the menu option.

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